Lion V Vijay Kumar Raju

A Leader with a New Vision towards a New Direction for the Digital Era, Lion Vijay Kumar Raju who began his career a techno engineer in the Indian Air Force took voluntary retirement after a decade with a view to take up employment generating entrepreneurship. The desire to serve the suffering humanity emerged and took the form of Manisha group of Nursing Institutions. Professional Ethics and rich values like Excellence, Integrity, Caring, Diversity, Student Centered Learning and Professionalism have resulted in his unbeaten success in the Nursing Industry. The year 1995 – 1996 marks his humble entry into Lionism. His initial contribution as Charter Vice President in Lions Club of Visakhapatnam Samarasya pronounced lasting impressions in the annals of our District Lionism. He is one among the most sought out Faculty for SLLI, RLLI, Workshops, Seminars and the DG, VDG & PST Schooling across the Multiple Districts in India, Nepal, Srilanka & Bangladesh and has crafted innumerable Leos and Lions through experiential learning, technological innovation and leadership to pursue excellence in diverse fields. To our honour, he is the only Lion from the MD 316 to have attended SIX International Conventions consecutively; attended 14 ISAAME Area Forums and expanded our ties globally. In the year 2014 – 2015 he attended the Australia – New Zealand Area Forum at Adelaide, the USA & Canada Leadership Forum at Puertorico, USA, the Europa Forum at Birmingham and the ISAAME Forum at Mauritius. He served as the Co Chairperson of the ISAAME Parade Committee & as Member of the Election Committee in the 98th International Convention of Lions Clubs at Honolulu, Hawaii; as the Member of the Second International Vice President Campaign Committee and as the Secretary cum Treasurer of the Lions Coordination Committee of India (2014 – 2015). Renaissance of the Lions District 324 C1 Eye Care & Research Centre, Jaggampeta; Renaissance of Lions District 324 C1 Cancer Treatment & Research Centre, Visakhapatnam; Facilitation of Past District Governors Conclave in 2010 and Organization of the IMPACT TRAINING PROGRAMME FOR LEADERS in 2012 – 2013 & 2013 – 2014 are a few among his success stories. He is acclaimed for getting an amount of more than 700,000 USD sanctioned from LCIF towards the various projects in MD 316. Laurels come in a natural way to those who serve. As a Bharat Scout in his school, at a tender age of 14, he saved the life of his fellow Scout by putting his own at stake, and to befit his adventure, was awarded the Gallantry Award by the President of India. He is also a recipient of the President’s Scout Award. He is the blessing of Sri. V Chinna Satyanarayana Raju & Smt. V Kamalavathi on an auspicious hour on the 4th of September, 1963. His adored life partner Lion V Sudha & an adorable daughter Ms. V Kinnera add to the bliss of his life’s treasurers. Committed to the mission of “Involving People, Applying Knowledge & Making Things to Happen”, Lion Vijay Kumar Raju cherishes an invaluable treasure of two glorious decades of passionate Lionism. He is also the Trustee of the Lead India 2020 Foundation and a Member of the Lions of India CSR Development & Advisory Committee.