About Us

Lionism entered into India in the year 1956. Within two years it moved into Andhra Pradesh. The year 1958 is to be written in history books in golden letters as the first two clubs are Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam.

The district then named as 304S and later became 304S2. As the lionism was growing leaps and bounds the then 304S2 was redivided into 4 multiples namely 321,322,323 and 324. Our part of area was under lions district 324C.In the year 1981 the C was further divided into 324C1 and C2. The first district governor was late Kothapalli Ramarao. From there on lionism was spreading it's wings into every revenue district and grew substantially and the leaders then once again felt there is a need of bifurcation into 324C1 and 324 C4 during 1998-1999.

The journey of present sub district started its journey with 46 clubs and membership strength of close to 1300. Since then there is steady growth of both the clubs and membership and has reached to close to 100 clubs and 3000 members. Most importantly there has been a steady growth both in terms of membership and new clubs.

The leadership has done a critical analysis and laid a strategic plan for all round growth of service and fellowship till 2012. The executive officers of the district namely DG Team and the immediate past district governor carry out a quarterly review and tables a consolidated vision document and strategic plan for every 3 years.

This is an initiative only done by district 316A in southern multiple of India as quoted by Area coordinator. The DG Team has been a role model in producing the results and Team work. The current district 316A comprises the revenue districts of East Godavari including Yanam part of Pondicherry, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam